In difficult times, you need a loyal team you can trust

Spero Medical Group specializes in providing broad options and improved aesthetics for critically ill people and those who are nearing end of life. Offering critical care transportation and advanced medical therapies to those limited by the specialized care they require, Spero Medical Group improves the dying experience for our clients and their families. Utilizing the best in palliative care practices, interventional pain management, and end of life doula support, combined with the highest levels of critical care, Spero offers beautiful end-of-life experiences to clients who would otherwise die in the confines of the hospital.

Spero Medical Group formed in 2016 out of recognition that critically ill patients need more control over their personal story.  Each member of the Spero group came with unique skills and aptitudes but all had a vision of providing the best care and attention for those who previously were unable to fulfill their wishes. Our mission is to transport our clients physically and emotionally from the unpleasantries of institutional medical care to places of peace and beauty.  With a combined 100 years of experience in critical care, medical transportation, palliative care, and symptom management, Spero Medical Group is ready to meet any challenge and empower our clients end of life choice.

Paul Boerum, Marne Lucas Photography, Spero Medical

Paul Boerem ACNP-BC

Chief Executive

Paul is passionate about providing the guidance and care necessary for patients and their loved ones to experience a life affirming death. Recognizing the limitations of current hospital based care of the dying and hospice, Paul focuses on treating clients with the compassion and vision he has gained from over twenty years in healthcare.  Paul is our CEO as well as our Respiratory care and ventilator management specialist.  He believes that client experience satisfaction is Job 1 and he is personally involved in all our work.

Jeff Struthers, Marne Lucas Photography, Spero Medical

Jeff Struthers MS, ACNP

Senior Partner and Ethicist

Jeff Struthers MS, ACNP-BC has over 20 years of experience in Critical Care and medical transportation. With a degree in Medical Ethics from Columbia University, Jeff brings the necessary skills, passion, and insights to solve the unique problems facing Spero clients.  With diverse training and broad based experience Jeff comes ready and highly motivated to help customers realize their end of life goals.



Derek Lyon, Marne Lucas Photography, Spero Medical

Derek G. Lyon

Logistics Care Coordinator- Senior Partner

Derek G. Lyon, ACNP-BC derives his ethos from humble origins. Originally from the wilds of Down East Maine he found himself in NYC as 911 Paramedic and then as a Nurse Practitioner working with some of the most critically ill patients in New York City.  Now with over 20 years experience in EMS, Nursing, and Critical Care Medicine, Derek serves as a celebrated SPERO provider. Derek brings a unique outlook on the different patient populations we serve. He wields a non-judgemental, compassionate bedside manner. Derek is an experienced “quality of life optimizer” and an integral component of our team.

Michael Colabraro ACNP, CRNA

Senior Partner

As our pain management specialist, Michael provides innovative therapeutics to manage our clients symptoms, pain and anxiety.  We utilize advanced pharmacotherapies, adjunctive medications and minimally invasive procedures such as regional nerve blocks and continuous epidurals, which traditionally have only been available in the inpatient setting. As an experienced CRNA Michael provides high quality, innovative symptom management with a focus on comfort and safety. Michael also oversees our Ketamine Therapy program an emerging treatment that assists our clients with end of life coping and understanding.

Marne Lucas, Spero Medical, artist, end of life doula, Bardo Project

Marne Lucas

Artist, End of Life Doula

Marne is an artist and end of life doula. As a multidisciplinary artist her work investigates social justice related projects such as Bardo ∞ Project an ongoing exploration of creativity as a form of spiritual end of life care, and video installations using infrared imaging technology to reference surveillance culture and the fragility of human existence. She is in-training at Parker Jewish Institute to be an INELDA certified end-of-life doula, and currently serves as a client board member at URAM, a Harlem United health agency. She exhibits nationally and received a 2018 UMEZ Creative Engagement grant from the LMCC for her ‘Bardo ∞ Project’ exhibition.